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* Make sure that you
thaw your meals in the
fridge over night. This
is the safest method of
thawing, and will give
you the best results!
Dinner Studio
Classic Lasagna baked with Wetona's famous Meat Sauce!
Vegetarian? Call us today for a delicious Vegetable Alfredo Lasagna.
(Oven Baked)
Chicken Cordon Blue Casserole
Wetona's take on a delicious classic. Penne pasta, diced ham, and chicken
smothered in a rich  and creamy cordon blue sauce and swiss cheese.
Sprinkled with bread crumbs!
(Oven Baked)
Chicken Breasts with Garden Vegetable Sauce
Delicious Chicken Breasts served over long grain rice, and covered in a Garden
Vegetable sauce.
(Stove Top)
BBQ Pork Sandwiches
Wetona's famous BBQ pork sandwiches are made with the best Montana made
Sauce! Mac and Ernie's BBQ Sauce is made in Fairfield, MT and is perfectly paired
with pulled pork. Served on a Bun with fries!
(Stove Top)
Cube Steak & Stuffing Bundles
Cube steaks stuffed full of an Italian Seasoned Stuffing. Served with Mashed
Potatoes and Gravy.
(Oven Bake)
Check out our new May / June 2012 menu below. Choose 6 or 12 meals from any of the sections below.
We now have Family Favorite meals that can be ordered individually when you call the day before. If you have any
questions about our new menu changes please call! 406.494.7924
May / June Menu
Family Favorites
These meals are available at any time. Call the day before, and we will have it ready for you to pick up before closing
the next day! Please call for pricing and details! 406.494.7924 These 5 meals can be ordered individually, or as part of
your 6 or 12 meal package.
Aloha Pork Skillet
A quick and delicious one skillet trip to Hawaii. This meal is the perfect blend of
peppers, pineapple, special sweet and sour sauce, and white rice. Topped with
tender Pork Chops. (Stove Top)
Mango Chicken
Chicken Breast marinated in a sweet ginger soy marinade. Grilled and then topped
with a Mango Salsa. Served with long grain rice. (Grill or Broiler)
Greek Feta Chicken
Chicken Breast marinated in a greek feta marinade. Served with baby potatoes.
(Oven or Stove Top)
Tilapia and Lemon Butter with Mixed Veggies
Delicious and flaky Tilapia fillets with lemon butter sauce. Served with kixed
veggies. (Grill)

Spaghetti Caprese
Spaghetti noodles tossed with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, basil, and a red pepper
oil sauce. (Stove Top)